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Hey y’all,

One thing I love is a good skirt. It’s such a versatile item that can easily be dressed up or down. If you haven’t seen my #WayToWearItWednesday, you can go check it out as well. This piece right here is very special…I call this one the Mara Maxi Wrap Pencil Skirt. 

Whether it’s a night on the town or a business presentation you need to slay for, this skirt is perfect for all of your needs. Perfect for day to night - you can go through your work day in a business casual setting and style it up for a nighttime affair. 

The wrap around detail of the skirt gives a mix of sophistication and fun. She’s a beautiful navy color that’s easy to be paired with a button-down shirt or try spicing it up with a cute crop top.

And don’t sleep on the functionality! This skirt features three pockets you can utilize including a statement front pocket. 

Made from neoprene, the Mara Maxi Wrap Pencil Skirt is giving just the right amount of stretch and durability to make this item perfect for any occasion.

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