Pop Your Collar... Even In A Dress

If wardrobe was intended to be both feminine and masculine, The Quinn Collar Dress would be the personification of femininity and masculinity. Although society advocates for us to pick a side, many believe that it is possible to embody both. Wearing the titles of both feminine and masculine aren’t necessarily two separate concepts. There is a world in which both can coexist.

I believe Quinn is the world in which femininity and masculinity mesh. I enjoyed playing with these elements while designing Quinn. As you can tell, she’s very sleek and form fitted, creating an amazing hour glass shape for the body. I also love how she makes you feel powerful. It’s probably the collar. lol The collar says, “I mean business any day.” I’m really big on the principle that when you look good, you feel good and I don’t know about you but feeling powerful is sexy in and of itself!

So, I challenge you to find your most authentic self, be powerful and embrace that sex appeal along the way!

The Quinn Collar Dress
Sale Price_$109.00 Original Price_$129.00
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