The Denim Mini Skirt That Stole My Heart

Hey SBS Squad!

I’m back with a hot new item I just created….The Riley Mini Skirt! I am so in love with how this skirt turned out! It took a few different design attempts to get it right, but once I knew…I knew. Every piece I design has a different story and purpose for being birthed into this world. I thought I’d be cool to share what the process was like creating her, from start to finish. So, if you are interested in learning about my design process, let’s get into it!

Let me begin by saying that design ideas naturally come to me while fabric shopping. There have been plenty of instances where I’ll have a pre-meditated idea in my head of what I want to design, but there are also even more moments where I have no clue! So, while I’m out browsing in the fabric district, I keep my eyes open for pretty and unique material. For me, it's not always about a certain print or specific material, but more of a priority to source the best quality and unique find. I don’t like looking like everyone else, and I assume you all don’t either.

I found this denim trim at my favorite denim manufacturer. The strips that you now see were individually cut according to size and length. I took a lot of consideration into the overall fit and how it would lay against the body. I’ll use whoever I have available to help me with this, the more body physiques the better!

What I love most about Riley is that she’s playful! Her pleats make her such a stand out piece. She’s the perfect skirt to achieve the best of both worlds. You can absolutely achieve a sophisticated look with her that says, “sexy, but not to serious.” Or, you can create this tennis skirt look which is very on trend these days! I see people doing tennis court fashion shoots all the time. I think wearing this skirt could be a cool spin on that concept if you like taking photos!

Back to my process…once I purchase my fabric I get started right away with designing. I have so many ideas spiraling throughout my head, it almost hurts not to try and execute them all! lol Once I’ve decided on the design, I then go back and make measurement adjustments for each size being produced. I usually take the sample piece I made to my size grader, who then sends all of the sizes for the garment to the cutter, who then will deliver the cut pieces of fabric to my production factory, where they sew and package the pieces. It can be a lengthy process. In this case, I had a very experienced seamster (that’s the male word for seamstress if you didn’t know lol), hand sew each piece in my showroom. I knew this was a complex design and I wanted to make sure each piece was in good hands…get it…good hands?

Anyway, The Riley Mini Skirt is a great option for when you’re feeling fun and flirty. I highly recommend you give her a twirl!

Riley Mini Skirt
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