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Sistah Sistah!

Allow me to introduce you to my younger sister Mo! Mo is one of the most strong willed people I know. Smart, funny and energetic… I wouldn’t trade her for the world. People often confuse us, or think we’re twins, so here’s the 411 when it comes to me and my younger sis.


  1. Our age. Mo and I are four years apart. We have an older sister named Vanessa that is one year older than me. I’m so used to dressing like one of my siblings lol, primarily Vanessa since we’re closest in age, but every now and then it’s funny to see Mo and I dressed alike too.

  2. Personalities. Mo is a powerhouse. If she has an opinion, she’s the least afraid to share it. I’m more reserved, in terms of voicing my opinion. Although, I wouldn't say I have a problem with voicing my opinion, I just prefer to take my time and think about what I want to say first.

  3. Creative Process. Mo is also super creative (we get our entrepreneurial spirit from our dad). I’m proud to say that she owns and operates an interior design, as well as, jewelry business. With her being so ambitious, she has specific and detailed systems put in place to help her stay organized. I, on the other hand, tend to keep important information stored upstairs…in my brain lol. She thinks I’m crazy for that and would never do the same.


  1. Entrepreneurial Spirit. As I mentioned above, our dad owned his own catering business growing up, so his “can do” attitude definitely influenced our outlook on the possibilities that we could create for our futures.

  2. Hosting. We come from a huge family! Like, LOT’S of cousins, our family was always together growing up. Naturally, we love hosting events where there’s delicious food, festive drinks and of course good music! We are some singing and dancing fools, always ready to get the party started and keep it going!

  3. I am my sisters keeper. If it’s one thing I don’t play about…it’s MY sister. We are quite protective over each other. We’ve endured a lot together…good and hard times, so in the words of Beyonce’, “might I suggest you don’t f*** with my sis!”

So there you have it!

A few tid bits that you didn’t know before about me and my familia!

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