Cross Between Black And Red

I don’t know about you… but I can’t get enough of a deep red wine color or black. You can’t go wrong with either. Classic and timeless, both colors embody sophistication that says,” you should take me serious”…with a side of sexy lol. Red wine is a beautiful fall color and black is a closet staple. I loved designing the Octavia and Oliver set in two different colors so that no matter your style, you’d have options.

For those who don’t know, The Oliver Pleated Short has been a long time champion throughout my design career. I’ve designed the short in two colors before, but that was for a summer catalog. I thought I’d be a great idea to create a matching top to pair with the Oliver short so that it can be worn during the cooler months…and wa-la the Octavia top appeared!

Octavia is my first long sleeved neoprene top I’ve designed and I love her versatility. You can wear her off the shoulders, for a feminine seductive look, or on the shoulders for more modesty. The cross in the middle was an important design feature to perfect because it_

  1. Hides our mid-section (in case you don’t want that to be highlighted).

  2. Accentuates the waist. I don’t care what type of physique you have, this cross feature will help create the illusion of a defined waistline.

  3. Looks really sexy on the body. Nothing more to be said about that!

The Octavia and Oliver Set is a great outfit for the “in between” seasons. You know, when the weather is being unpredictable and you need to be prepared from day to night. I’m flattered at how well it did this season and might consider bringing it back next year.

Let me know your thoughts.

Would you like me to bring back The Octavia and Oliver Set fall 2023?

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